Bond Cleaning Adelaide: We Clean Up After You

Bond Cleaning Adelaide: We Clean Up After You
Bond Cleaning Adelaide

Bond Cleaning Adelaide is a cleaning service exclusively for tenants wishing to vacate their rented home upon the expiry of their lease and desiring the return of their security deposit from the landlord. As a professional cleaning service, we do an excellent job of cleaning every nook and cranny of your rental abode and guarantee the return of your security deposit.

Legal Requirement

It is a legal requirement that a tenant must restore rented property to its original condition before handing it over to his landlord; otherwise he may forfeit his security deposit as his landlord may make a claim for harm or deterioration to the property. Hence hiring a professional cleaning service also becomes a requirement as the tenant is unable to do a comprehensive cleaning job by himself. Gs Property Care has expertise in this cleaning task; if you call us, we will perform this service for you.

Rigorous Inspection

Australia has a system of rigorous inspection of rented property for release of security deposit and hence of necessity Bond Cleaning Adelaide produces a high-quality cleaning service. We also often act as liaison between the customer and landlord or estate agent to facilitate the return of the security deposit.

Highly Qualified Workers

Gs Property Care has workers who are highly qualified and dedicated to their work. They are knowledgeable about the art of cleaning and use the latest technology. They carry their own cleaning kits and bring energy and expertise to the job of cleaning your house.


Bond Cleaning Adelaide is an environment-friendly service, deeply committed to the preservation of the planet. We are concerned about the ill-effects of climate change and global warming. We have adopted sustainable practices and strive to reduce waste. We use only eco-friendly products in our cleaning solutions which are non-toxic and do no harm to the house or the environment.


Bond Cleaning Adelaide is a budget-friendly service with prices low enough to suit the average consumer. As moving is expensive, we try not cause additional financial strain to our customers and Strive to make our service financially accessible to every citizen of Adelaide.

Kitchen Cleaning

Gs Property Care begins the house cleaning service in the kitchen which is the first room in the house to be cleaned. The most important item in the kitchen is the refrigerator which is defrosted and the leftover food removed to prevent contamination. The oven, stove top and sink are also cleaned and the kitchen is thus sanitized.

Hygiene in the Bathroom

Bond Cleaning Adelaide also includes bathroom cleaning in its house cleaning service. The bathroom is an integral part of the house and an important room to be cleaned. Since a bathroom is used so frequently by so many people, it becomes a host to bacteria and a source of infection. In the interest of health and hygiene, we deep clean the bathrooms during our Bond Cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning

A carpet is an object of beauty and is a household item which enhances the style and décor of your home. Regrettably a carpet is often allowed to collect dust and become dull and lifeless over the years. Regular cleaning by a professional service is necessary for the proper maintenance of a carpet. Bond Cleaning Adelaide performs the additional service of carpet cleaning as part of its Bond Cleaning service. We restore the color and vibrancy of a carpet as a specialized cleaning service and extend its life up to fifteen years.

Detailed Cleaning

We perform a meticulous and painstaking Bond Cleaning service focusing on all the minute details. Our workers carry a checklist of items to be cleaned so no item, however insignificant, is overlooked.

Difference between Spring Cleaning and Bond Cleaning

Bond Cleaning Adelaide is a service that is sometimes confused with spring cleaning. They are both types of house cleaning but take place at different times. Bond Cleaning is undertaken at the end of a tenant’s lease while spring cleaning is done with the arrival of the spring season. Moreover, Bond Cleaning pertains to the whole property while spring cleaning involves only your home.

Customer Satisfaction

Gs Property Care prioritizes customer satisfaction and we tailor our service to suit the needs of the customer. The customer is the most important item on our agenda and we believe the customer is always right. Our friendly and supportive staff welcomes the valuable customer comments and opinions post cleaning and makes every effort to address all complaints.

Positive Reviews

We have built a base of satisfied customer who consistently give us good reviews and recommend our service to others. Customer support and approval of our performance has made us an in-demand cleaning service in Adelaide and our mission for the future is to become the best in Australia.

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